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Welcome to Joy to the Food. We’re so glad you’re here. We are Dan and Mika (and the Nala’s, our goofy pups). We started this food blog as a way for Mika to share her love of cooking with the world! Dan works on the website and photography, while Mika handles the graphics and recipes. The Nala’s help clean up the mess in the kitchen.

We strive to create recipes that satisfy your health and your taste buds. Too often we search for healthy recipes that lack flavor. Or else, we find delicious foods packed with not so good for you ingredients.  Our goal is to find a happy medium.  At Joy to the Food you will find food that is easy to make, better for you, and made with accessible ingredients.  Many of our recipes also meet dietary needs or can with simple swaps.  Be sure to check out our dietary legend below for detailed information.

Where did the name Joy to the Food come from?

Mika here. The name Joy to the Food is a celebration of the joy that food brings to me, and the joy I hope this website brings to the world. The recipes on Joy to the Food are inspired by my upbringing, tweaked for my dietary needs, and shaped by our core philosophy that there’s no one-size fits all diet.

Growing up, I never restricted what I ate.  My parents provided wonderful balanced meals, usually on the healthier side.  We had milk with every meal, ate fruit after dinner, and got to pick out a cereal of our choice on our birthdays.  Whether it be from food or stress, when I got to college I could no longer eat whatever I wanted. Milk at dinner?  Nope, made me sick.  Orange after dinner?  Nope, made me sick.  Cereal?  Nope.

Through much trial and error, I learned what I could and could not eat.  Best of all, I learned that with balance and moderation, I could eat most anything.  I strive to maintain this balance in all Joy to the Food recipes.  Because food that makes you happy should also make you feel good.  Here, you will not find strictly keto or paleo or vegan recipes.  You will find recipes that are good for your mind and body.

My experience has shaped my philosophy about food: that there is no one-size fits all. Food fads come and go, science about food evolves, and the debate over what we should eat is never-ending. I believe everyone needs to experiment with what they eat and discover what works for them.

The purpose of Joy to the Food is to help people discover recipes that bring them joy.  Many of our recipes are inspired by home cooking.  They have all the goodness of grandma’s cooking but offer substitutes to accommodate different health needs. We don’t follow any specific diet. And, most of all our recipes are made from real ingredients.

I’ve been on the journey of figuring out which foods bring me joy. I hope you’ll join me to find out what food brings you joy!

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