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Bread and Butter Pudding Without Cream

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This bread and butter pudding recipe without cream is packed with punchy flavors like tropical coconut, tart cranberry, and bright orange.

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Easy to Make Fun Flavors Tropical Vibes


Servings: 12

total Time: 50 min


- Hawaiian rolls - Butter, eggs - Coconut milk, oat milk - Cranberries - Oranges - Maple syrup - Spices

Whisk together the wet ingredients, spices, orange juice, and orange zest until well combined.

Step 1

Combine the cranberries, torn bread, and wet ingredients into a large mixing bowl and mix well.

Step 2

Transfer mixture to a 9"x11" pan or pie dish and spread out. Bake for 35 minutes at 350 degrees F.

Step 3

Broil for 5 minutes at the end for a golden brown finish. Then, remove and enjoy with maple syrup!

Step 4

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