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High-Protein Holiday Costco Must-Haves

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If you're looking for something high-protein and delicious to serve at Christmas, then you're in luck! Here's 12 High-protein Costco finds that everyone will love!

Who wouldn't love a gooey ham and cheese croissant for a Christmas brunch or even appetizer?!

ham & swiss Croissants - 12g

If you are making anything with broth, trying swapping it for bone broth which has 9x the protein of regular broth.

chicken Bone Broth - 9g

Lasagna is a Christmas staple. And with gooey cheese and saucy beef, it's a high protein and delicious dinner option.

beef lasagna - 19g

This cheese is taking the world by storm. This fry version would make a great appetizer, like a mozzarella stick but moer protein!

halloumi cheese fires - 13g

I've never met anyone who doesn't love jalapeno poppers. Then add bacon and it's a matcha made in heaven!

Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos - 20g

Almond flour is a great alternative to traditional crackers. They boast 3g of protein as opposed to 1g for traditional crackers.

Almond flour crackers - 3g

Now pair those crackers with cheese for an appetizer with 7g of protein! These bite sized versions of everyones favorite cheese are just fun for everyone to eat.

babybel Cheese Bites - 4g

Most snacks and munchies have negligible protein, but this festive mix has 3 grams! So keep nacking away!

winter cheer nut blend - 3g

Shelled pistachios are an easy, protein-rich snack that adds a crunchy and nutritious element to your holiday snacking options.

shelled pistachios - 6g

This Power Cakes mix is a  protein-packed choice for pancakes or waffles, fueling your guests with energy for all the Christmas festivities.

protein pancakes - 14g

What breakfast is complete without bacon? Bacon is easy to toss in the oven, high in protein, and everyone loves it!

bacon - 8g

Not all quiche is created equal, but this one has 11g of protein per serving making it a delicious option for eating more protein.

Quiche - 11g

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