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A Festive  Sugar Cookie Matcha Latte

about this recipe

This sugar cookie matcha latte is a new twist on an indulgent experience. With the sweet notes and hint of almond, you'll think you just ate a sugar cookie!

why you'll love it

No special equipment Classic flavors Sustained energy


Servings: 2

total Time: 5 min


- matcha - water - almond milk - almond & vanilla extract - maple syrup - agave - salt

Add hot water and matcha to a mug and mix thoroughly with a fork, whisk, or even in a blender.

Step 1

Once it's fully mixed, it should look like this. Then you can add the other ingredients to a mug or electric whisk to mix. 

Step 2

Pour the milk mixture over the matcha and stir to combine. If using an electric whisk there will be a lot of bubbles to let settle.

Step 3

Enjoy along side your favorite sugar cookie and Christmas music. It's best enjoyed right away but can be served iced too.

Step 4

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