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The Secret Ingredient For Easy Apple Cobbler

about this recipe

This recipe uses Bisquick as the secret ingredient to make easy homemade apple cobbler dessert. That's because Bisquick already has the right amount of leaveners!

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Easy to Make Gooey and delicious A Fall Classic


Servings: 6

total Time: 5 min


- Apples - Vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg - Brown Sugar - Corn Starch - Lemon Juice - Water - Bisquick (not pictured) - Milk (not pictured) - Butter (not pictured)

Thoroughly mix the apples, lemon juice, water, spices, vanilla, cornstarch, and brown sugar in a Dutch oven or large baking dish.

Step 1

Mix the Bisquick, milk, butter, and spices until a thick batter forms. It's helpful to do this with a spatula, as it will be sticky.

Step 2

Scoop the Bisquick batter on top of the apple filling. Evenly spread it out into about five equally sized and spaced scoops.

Step 3

Bake for 45 minutes at 375 degrees F. You'll know it's done when the apple filling is bubbly and the Bisquick top if golden brown.

Step 4

Enjoy hot with a side of vanilla ice cream! And congratulate yourself for making a delicious apple cobbler with Bisquick!

Step 5

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