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Egg White Wrap Recipe

benefits of egg white wraps

These egg white wraps are high-protein and low-carb when compared to traditional flour tortillas. Plus, they use only two ingredients!

How to eat these

After you've made your egg white wraps, you can add your favorite fillings. From eggs and bacon to spinach and avocado - stuff these wraps with whatever your heat desires!

Servings: 2

total Time: 10 Min


4 egg whites 4 tbsp arrowroot flour (Almond flour can be substituted for arrowroot flour)

Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat. Then, separate the egg whites. Check out the recipe post for two easy methods of separating egg whites.

Step 1

Add the arrowroot flour to the egg whites and whisk until fluffy.  You may also add salt and pepper if you like.

Step 2

Slowly pour the egg whites into the heated pan in a circular motion.  The egg whites will begin cooking immediately and will likely not be covering the pan evenly.

Step 3

Once the top of the egg whites are bubbling all over (about 2-3 minutes), slide a large spatula under the egg whites and flip!

Step 4

Let the second side cook for another 1-2 minutes and then remove from the pan and repeat until you have all the egg white wraps your heart desires!

Step 5

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