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Frozen Wine Grapes - 3 Ingredients!

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Frozen Wine Grapes are the adult treat you never knew you needed. They're sweet, refreshing, and great for snacking on a warm summer day.

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3 Ingredients Refreshing Easy to Make


Servings: 8

prep Time: 5 min


- Green grapes - White wine - Sugar *requires only 5 minutes of prep but does need time to marinade and freeze (approx. 20 hours total)

Remove grapes from the stem to start. We like to use green grapes but you can use red grapes. Just make sure they are seedless.

Step 1

Cover the grapes in white wine. This should be about 1 bottle (minus a glass for yourself!). Place this is the fridge to marinate.

Step 2

Drain the grapes after 12+ hours and toss in sugar or a low calorie sweetener. Place in a freezer safe bin and freeze until frozen.

Step 3

Remove from the freezer and toss in a little more sugar to make them really sparkle! If you will use them as ice cubes, skip the sugar.

Step 4

Enjoy the grapes on their own on a hot summer day or drop them in a glass of wine to act as ice cubes.

Ways to serve

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