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Egg White Wrap Recipe

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Egg White Wraps are perfect for meal prep and make a great low carb substitute for tortillas and wraps! Plus, they only take 2 ingredients!

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2 Ingredients Grain Free Low Carb


Servings: 2

total Time: 10 min


- Eggs - Almond Flour or Xanthan Gum

Separate the yolks from the whites by cracking the eggs and gently rocking the yolk from each half of the shell. Let the whites drip out until only the yolk remains.

Step 1

Mix the Xanthan gum with the egg white using either a whisk or a blender. A blender helps to ensure a smooth texture.

Step 2

Gently pour a small amount of the egg mixture into the pan. Lift the pan and rock in a swirl motion to spread out the mixture.

Step 3

When bubbling, carefully flip the egg white wrap over and let it cook another minute on the other side. Then, remove and enjoy!

Step 4

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