cumin vs paprika (best substitutes for each spice)

What's the difference?

cumin vs paprika

How to use each.

How to substitute!

Paprika is a combination of dried hot and sweet peppers resulting in a striking red color. It is either sweet and mild or smokey and hot.

What is paprika?

Spanish paprika is best in dishes that will benefit from the heat.

How to use paprika

Sweet or mild paprika is best used as a garnish or dye.

Cumin is the dried seed of the cuminum cyminum plant and has a warm, earthy flavor with a musky scent.

What is cumin?

Cumin is very strong and can overtake a dish. It should be used when you're going for a bold, earthy flavor.

how to use cumin

Do sub: Smoked paprika for cumin and vice versa


Do not sub: Sweet paprika for cumin and vice versa

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