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Collagen Peptides vs Whey Protein

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Both collagen and whey protein powder are popular supplements what's the difference? Here's everything you need to know about them!

Collagen is a fibrous, structural protein that is found in all mammals and some fish. It's usually sold as collagen peptides.

what is collagen?

Whey protein is a supplement made from the byproduct of making cheese. It's then turned into powder and sold.

what is whey protein?

Collagen comes from cow hide or tendons or fish skin while whey comes from cheese making. Both are sustainable options.

where do they come from?

Collagen peptides have around 19 grams per serving wile whey protein has around 25 grams. They both have 4g of calories.

nutrition differences

Collagen peptides (Orgain brand) comes in at $1.68 per ounce while whey protein (IsoPure) is $2.12 per ounce.

Average Price  per ounce

Collagen is dairy free while whey protein is not. Both products are typically gluten free.

allergy differences

You can bake with both but collagen is totally soluble while whey protein powder acts more like flour. I prefer to bake with collagen.

Can you bake with them?

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