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Refreshing Cold Red Pesto Orzo Salad

about this orzo salad

This cold red pesto orzo salad is filled with fresh vegetables, pine nuts, and salami. It's ready in just 20 minutes and makes a great summer dish!

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20 minutes



6 Servings


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Servings: 6

total Time: 20 min


- Orzo pasta - Red pesto sauce - Salami - Pine nuts - Cucumber - Basil - Tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes

Cook your orzo per the directions on the box. Once it's done (it'll be soft), strain it and run under cold water to cool it down.

Step 1

While the orzo cooks, chop up the cucumber, tomatoes, salami, basil, and sun-dried tomatoes into about 1/2 inch pieces.

Step 2

Add all the ingredients to a large bowl and mix until well combined. Be sure the red pesto coats the orzo completely for best taste.

Step 3

Enjoy this orzo salad cold. This is a great side dish for a summer get-together. It also makes a nutritious main dish for meal prep!

Step 4

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