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How to Make Coffee Milk Tea

about this drink

This Coffee Milk Tea gives a great boost due to it's high caffeine content. And you'll love slurping up the boba pearls!

why you'll love it

5 Ingredients 15 Minutes 150mg caffeine


Servings: 1

total Time: 15 min


- 1/2 cup coffee - 1 bag black tea - 1 tbsp honey -1 cup half and half

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First, cook pearls by  boiling in water until they float. Then, set aside in a serving glass with honey.

Step 1

Make coffee any way you like. Then, heat milk in microwave 1 minute and steep tea bag 5 minutes in milk with honey.

Step 2

Add coffee and milk to your cup with boba and honey. To make iced, let liquid cool first and also add ice. Then, enjoy!

Step 3

To view the full Coffee Milk Tea recipe, tricks, and tips, visit Joy to the Food by clicking on the link below!


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