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Bisquick Apple Cobbler in Dutch Oven

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This Bisquick Apple Cobbler is made easily in the Dutch oven and features tart green apples in a gooey sweet sauce, warm cinnamon, and punchy ginger!

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Servings: 6

total Time: 5 min


- Apples - Vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg - Brown Sugar - Corn Starch - Lemon Juice - Water - Bisquick (not pictured) - Milk (not pictured) - Butter (not pictured)

Mix the apples, lemon juice, water, spices, vanilla, corn starch, and brown sugar in the Dutch oven or in a large bowl.

Step 1

Mix the Bisquick, milk, butter, and spices until a thick batter forms. This is helpful to do this with a spatula, as it will be sticky.

Step 2

Doll up this batter over the apple filling. Evenly spread it out into 5 approximately evenly sized plops.

Step 3

Bake this for 45 minutes when the filling is bubbling. The Bisquick will be slightly more brown than prior to baking.

Step 4

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