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A Guide To Picking Watermelons

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Picking a watermelon can be stressful because you want it to be perfect! Here we will cover 5 ways to pick that perfect melon!

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5 Easy Tips Save Time & Money Perfect Every time!


the methods

1. Webbing & Sun Spot 2. Stem Color 3. Knocking 4. Watermelon Color 5. No Bumps Screenshot this page to reference at the store!

The first way to check a watermelon quickly is to look for webbing or "sugar veins" where the plant was likely pollinated.

1. Webbing

The next thing to check is the stem appearance. It should be dark brown in color. This is not a good stem shown below.

2. Stem color

Tap on the watermelons. The best tasting watermelon should have a low pitch or a dull sound wen tapped on -more water

3. knocking

Another method is to check the color of the melon. Look for one that is dull and darker in color.

4. Melon Color

Finally, check the size and shape of the melon. It should not have any strange bumps or notches.

5. no bumps

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